Do I need a visa?

On entering the United Arab Emirates you will need a visa.  Depending on your country of origin, you may be eligible for a prearranged visit visa. Your nationality will determine this and your length of stay in the UAE – ranging from 30 to 90 days.
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I want to stay longer…

If your stay in the United Arab Emirates will be longer than 90 days, or you are planning to perform any kind of work or study, or wish to join your spouse in the UAE, you will require a residency visa.
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Visit Visa & Residency Visa

There are two categories of visa’s within the UAE; Visit Visa’s and Residency Visa’s. We can assist in obtaining either type of visas tailored to your personal requirements. That can be for personal use or as part of setting up your business in the UAE.  We can advise you on the specific type of visa that best serves your personal or corporate requirements.
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Residency Visa’s

There are numerous types of residency visa that have specific advantages and disadvantages.  If we are assisting you with your company set up in the UAE, we will advise you on the best visa for your business.   The following are residency visas:  Employment Visa   Investor Visa   Retirement Visa   Investor Visa    Golden Visa   Remote Working Visa
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