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As United Kingdom (UK) qualified lawyers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we are well placed to represent clients with legal matters, in both the UAE and the UK.  We provide a professional service for all legal issues that our clients may require representation for. 


Our vision is to bring you a friendly, professional and approachable service, satisfying your legal needs.

We assist locals and expats, especially British nationals, in the United Arab Emirates and globally.  GH International are specialists, representing UAE Nationals with legal matters in England & Wales.

We can also provide corporate services to assist you or your business such as immigration, company formation and visa requirements.   GH International can provide local sponsors depending on your company formation requirements and assist from start to finish to get your business up and running and help with ongoing compliance. GH International can act for you individually to assist you obtaining a visa for yourself or your family.

Business & Corporate Services 

As a centre for world trade and commerce, the UAE provides great access to Asia, Africa, Southern & Eastern Europe, and the rest of the Middle East. Its world class ports and airports provide key links for international trade.

There are many exciting business opportunities in the UAE and several routes to market. The right route to market for your business will depend upon key factors, including the nature of your business and, to some extent, the positioning of your target clients or customers.

At GHI have over 30 years of legal and commercial expertise in advising and assisting international organizations and entrepreneurs with their ‘mainland’ market entry (i.e., outside a UAE Free Trade Zone which is reserved for specialized activities). This includes ensuring that the business is correctly structured and holds all the correct authorisations and licences it requires to comply with local laws and regulations.

Acting as your corporate partner, GH International has a successful track record of providing foreign companies with a secure, transparent, and long-term local partnership, assisting companies and individual investors in setting up and conducting their businesses in the correct way here in the region.

GH International helps clients of all sizes and sector groups. We sit in the background and ensure your company complies with company and commercial laws as well as all labour laws in the region.

We have vast experience of advising in critical including manufacturing, logistics, financial services, information technology, retail, travel, tourism, healthcare, education, green technologies, telecommunications, energy, defence, and industrial infrastructure.

Companies in UAE can obtain further advantages from the absence of foreign exchange controls, trade barriers or quotas, making it an ideal location for business set up and company formation. The UAE offers unparalleled access to the middle eastern market and is a fundamental business hub in the region.

GH International provides advisory services to ensure local companies are fully informed and compliant with UAE laws and guidelines. We can act as a Power of Attorney or as the local General Manager for foreign companies that wish to ensure the local entity is run smoothly and in the interests of stakeholders.

Legal Services 

Our UK qualified lawyers, international lawyers, Advocates & Legal Consultants are able to of expert advice in numerous areas of specialism, whether that be for a business or individual. We can provide company formation, and business set-up in Dubai & the UAE. Moreover, we also provide our clients with legal services in concern with incorporating companies, Free Zone Companies, joint ventures, Offshore Companies, Corporate Law, Banking Law, Insurance Law, Real Estate Law, UAE Labour Law, Property Disputes, Commercial Law, Family Law, Debt Recovery and Criminal Law. 

‎Our legal experts can structure, draft, negotiate and review all the necessary documentation ‎and agreements related to your business, and assist you in resolving disputes, whether this is through ‎negotiation skills, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, or litigation in the UAE courts in the seven Emirates, and the DIFC Court.‎ 

We are specialist in cross border transactions and matters relating to intellectual property and distribution agreements. Especially, in emerging markets in the Middle East. We have extensive knowledge and experience of undertaking work in Iraq and providing legal support to ensure smooth transition for a product to be put to market. 

Our company has a wealth of experience and assisting defence contractors in the middle eastern region. We are expert in this diverse and ever-changing field. 

We can support defence contractors or governments with their legal needs and providing legal logistical support. Whether it be procurement advice, transactional agreements, dispute resolution, collaborative structures, compliance, legal support relating to manpower and US LOGCAP contract mobilisation. 

Clients whether individuals or businesses seek legal advice when they are facing extreme ‎circumstances, be it a damaging dispute, fraudulent loss to business or determining a certain course of ‎action. Understanding your requirements, challenges, and business goals is the foundation of our ‎customer-centric solutions. Our legal support is based on a frank, honest & a professional ‎appraisal of the legal issues at hand. 

Legal Distress in UAE


Our team of UK qualified lawyers and local lawyers with over 50 years combined criminal defence are experienced and specialise in assisting expatriates that find themselves in legal difficulties in the region, whether they have been arrested, or detained. If you, or a family member have been arrested or detained in the UAE, we can assist. We offer a highly skilled and confidential service. We understand the stress and concern you will have, and we will do everything we can to assist you.

We can be contacted on our emergency distress telephone number on +971 56 685 5550 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We can assist in all manner of cases such as absconding, fraud, drugs offences, assault to name a few. If you believe a relative has been arrested or detained, please call us immediately, so we can locate them and prepare to represent them at the police station and court if required.

Defence Services

GH International has a wealth of experience in the defence sector within the region and are able to assist with all legal and corporate requirements.  

We bring our UK standards of practice to the UAE, so that clients can feel secure, knowing that they have representation accessing an international legal system. We have senior lawyers, with many years of experience, based in Dubai and throughout the UAE and MENA region. 

  • Attestation of document

  • Certification of documents

  • International Family Matters

  • Immigration & Visa’s

  • Labor and Employment

  • Real Estate & Property 

  • Wills & Probate

  • Criminal Law 

  • Commercial Law 

  • Intellectual Property 

  • Contract 

  • Banking 

  • Regulatory & Licencing 

  • Dispute Resolution 


A mainland company in the UAE is also known as an onshore company. It is licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the related Emirate, which is allowed to do business in the local market as well as outside the UAE without any restrictions. Find out more here.


Less restrictions for business.  We will assist in finding you a local sponsor.  


In 3 easy steps you:

1) choose your activity

2) choose your trade name

3) contact us to set up the business. 

We can make the process easy and help set up your business.  


There are over 40 free zones in the UAE. A Free Zone company is allowed to do business inside the same free zone. Most who want tax optimisation, opt for a free zone formation as the free zone authorities bring out various benefits and incentives to the business’ setup in the zone.


100% ownership. No office Space requirements. Find out more here.


In 3 easy steps you:

1) choose your activity

2) choose your trade name

3) contact us to set up the business. 

We will assist you setting up your business in the UAE. 

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