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We provide a comprehensive range of legal services in Iraq and the Kurdistan region, as well as a full package of legal support for foreign workers and expats

Iraq Visas & Immigration

We have extensive experience helping clients navigate the complex process of obtaining Iraq Visas for foreign workers. We support clients throughout the entire process, from the point of application to when they receive their Iraq Visa, ensuring that both the company and its employees are fully compliant with local regulations.
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We also offer Employer of Record (EOR) services in Iraq. As an EOR, GHI Legal can act on behalf of foreign companies who want to hire employees in the region without setting up a local entity.

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Company Registration

Our attorneys have more than 20 years of combined legal experience, assisting international companies with branch and company registration in Iraq. We have specific experience providing legal advice to international corporations, relating to intellectual property, product distribution, labour law, taxation law, oil & gas, energy sector, corporate and commercial law relating to entity structure and incorporation.

We provide a full service to companies looking to work in Iraq from complying with local law and regulations to market research and managing intellectual property.


We have experience supporting British and other foreign expats working in Iraq to overcome any legal issues they might have. We can represent clients before the Iraqi courts in all provinces, whatever the jurisdiction is and on all issues from criminal to commercial, labour, administrative and more.

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Employment and Labour Law

We can provide expert advice concerning all labour law issues; as a company facing employment-related legal issues, or requiring advice in this complex field under local Iraqi Law.

Support for Non-Profit Organisations

We have been helping international and local organisations in both the Kurdistan Region and Iraq for many years. We can draft policies and all necessary documents and represent the organisation before all levels of the Iraqi courts.

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Real Estate Law

As part of GHI’s range of legal services in Iraq, Our team can assist with property transferral, purchase and sale and help with the General Commission of Taxes. We also have experience providing lease services, obtaining rental allowances, and arranging tenant contracts.


GHI can assist clients with all tax matters, including Personal Income Taxes, Direct Deduction, calculations for held contracts within governmental sectors, negotiations on calculations and taxes on submitted financial statements.

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GHI provides legal services in Iraq. With over 50 years combined experience, you can trust us for great results.