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United arab emirates

We provide a full range of legal services for locals and expats in the United Arab Emirates

Labour Law

Our team has experience structuring and drafting labour agreements for locals and expats. We advise employers and employees, helping foreign-based individuals and companies understand the nuances of UAE labour law.

We also advise board members and senior executives on negotiation and termination of employment contracts.

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Corporate Services

We represent clients from the initial stages of incorporation to continued legal support in all aspects of corporate evolution, including mergers and acquisitions.

We offer our clients a broad range of services including formation, negotiation, licensing and registration of all types of enterprise, local and foreign and drafting of all documents.

We also offer Employer of Record (EOR) services in the UAE. As an EOR, GHI Legal can act on behalf of foreign companies who want to hire employees in the region without setting up a local entity.

Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Our team can assist clients in resolving disputes, with particular experience helping to achieve resolution prior to a trial or arbitration, through negotiation and mediation.

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Oil and Gas

We assist in the establishment and licensing of new oil & gas companies and provide on–going and up-to-date legal advice with respect to all aspects of their operations and the ever-evolving regulations in this sector.

Real Estate Law

We provide advice on a full range of property matters, including disputes and real estate transactions. Since property law in Dubai and the UAE is very young and evolving, professional and competent legal advice is essential.

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Criminal Law & Family Law

We have a team of the best criminal lawyers in Dubai who are committed to helping clients with all criminal matters. Our lawyers can also help with the sensitive issues of divorce, child custody, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Maritime Disputes

We provide guidance to ship owners and crew to ensure the rules and regulations of each Emirate is adhered to.

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Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Patents

We assist individuals and various entities in protecting the value of these (intangible) assets by providing advice and guidance to them on intellectual property rights in domestic and international markets.

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