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Our team of British and Iraqi lawyers has extensive knowledge and experience in company formation in the region and we will guide you every step of the way. We understand that starting a business can be a daunting task, especially in a foreign country, with complex rules and regulations, but we are here to make the process seamless and hassle-free.

We offer a range of services that cater to your specific needs, including office setup. We also provide ongoing support and advice to ensure that your business thrives in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

Our company formation services are tailored to suit different types of businesses of all sizes.

Our services are designed to save you time and money, as we take care of all the administrative tasks associated with setting up a business in Iraq. We also have strong relationships with local authorities and can expedite the process, ensuring that your business is up and running in no time.

We understand that every business is unique, and we will work closely with you to develop a bespoke solution that meets your specific requirements.

Contact GHI today to discuss your business needs and let us help you turn your dreams into reality.

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