Security access to the Iraqi oil fields

Iraq has the fourth largest reserves of oil in the world, according to OPEC, with nearly 150 billion barrels of crude and almost 12% of the world’s share. With such a huge amount of untapped resources, oil industry focus is shifting to Iraq and the Iraq Kurdistan Region. However, navigating this highly regulated sector can be deeply complex. One of the key challenges faced by companies operating in the oil fields is obtaining government issued security passes for their workers.  Iraq’s oil fields are critical assets that require strict access control to prevent unauthorised entry and safeguard against potential threats. Security passes play a vital role in regulating entry into these areas. Oil field operations involve complex machinery, hazardous materials, and potentially dangerous working environments. Proper implementation of security passes helps enforce safety protocols and ensures that personnel are appropriately trained and equipped to work within designated areas.  GHI is a British-owned company with decades of experience operating within the oil and gas industry in Iraq, Iraq’s Kurdistan Region and across the Middle East. We have the expertise and connections to expedite the process, ensuring your team can access the oil fields efficiently and safely.  Foreign nationals looking to work in Iraq’s oil and gas industry often require visas. Our team is well-versed in handling visa applications and can assist you in obtaining the necessary permits seamlessly.  To learn more about how GHI Legal can support your operations and secure your legal requirements, reach out to us today: Email: info@ghilegal.comVisit our website: