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Our Lawyers

Our UK qualified Legal Consultants & Legal Advocates in Dubai are well able to offer expert Legal Services in Dubai. Whether that be for a business or individual, GHI can provide company formation and business set-up in Dubai & the rest of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Business Legal Services

Moreover, we also provide our clients with legal services in concern with incorporating companies.  This includes free zone companies, joint ventures, offshore companies, corporate law, banking law, insurance law, Real estate law, UAE labour law, property disputes, commercial law, family law, debt recovery and criminal law.  Our legal experts can structure, draft, negotiate and review all the necessary documentation ‎and agreements related to your business.   GH International will assist you in resolving disputes whether this is through ‎negotiation skills, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, or litigation in the UAE courts of the seven Emirates and the DIFC Court.‎

Personal Legal Services

Clients, whether individuals or businesses, seek Legal Advice in Dubai when they are facing extreme ‎circumstances, be it a damaging dispute, fraudulent loss to business or determining a certain course of ‎action. Understanding your requirements, challenges and business goals is the foundation of our ‎customer-centric solutions. Our legal support is based on a frank, honest and professional ‎appraisals of the legal issues at hand.

Iraq Legal Services

We are specialist in cross border transactions and matters relating to intellectual property and distribution agreements, especially in emerging markets in the Middle East.  GH International has extensive knowledge and experience of undertaking work in Iraq and providing legal support to ensure smooth transitions for a product to be put to market.


Our company has a wealth of experience and assisting defence contractors in the Middle East region. We are experts in this diverse and ever-changing field. We can support defence contractors or governments with their legal needs and provide legal, logistical support. Whether it be procurement advice, transactional agreements, dispute resolution, collaborative structures, compliance, legal support relating to manpower and US LOGCAP contract mobilisation.

GHI provides legal and corporate services across the UAE and Middle East. With over 50 years combined experience, you can trust us for great results.