How an employer of record can help you in Iraq An Employer Of Record or EOR is a third-party organisation that does hiring and payroll on behalf of businesses. An EOR enables clients to hire overseas’ talents from another country without the need to set up a local entity by themselves. As such, companies do not need to worry about violating the local employment laws of the country they intend to hire due to unfamiliarity with the local legal requirements. An EOR will typically take care of tasks like employment contracts, onboarding, training new hires, payroll processing, benefits, deductions, contracts and tax compliance They’ll also act as a channel between government authorities and the client. An EOR can help companies ensure faster market entry and provide valuable expertise on laws and regulations. Employment of Record in Iraq GHI’s unified and automated global HR platform is designed to empower clients by speedily onboarding employees, while effectively managing their payroll, benefits, and Compliance Iraq is a country rich with opportunity, but with deeply complex rules and regulations. An EOR like GHI can help clients navigate those laws and get up and running quickly. GHI has an experienced team of local and British professionals and specialises in providing tailor-made employment contracts, ensuring process compliance, and keeping you up-to-date with all legal obligations. Take the leap towards unlocking the full potential of the Iraqi market with GHI’s trusted Employer of Record Solution.

How an employer of record can help you in Iraq

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