Licences & Benefits

Which Free Zone licence?

Free Zones represent jurisdictions with a special tax-free status. They are usually positioned in the strategical locations like major seaports, international airports and close to the country borders. Currently, the UAE can offer over 40 free zones. Each free zone has their own regulations and provides licenses to certain type of business depending on the activities they offer. 

Each Free Zone in the UAE can provide one of the following licences: 

Trading Licence

Professional Licence

Industrial Licence

Holding a license in the Free zone can grant formation of:

Free Zone Establishment (FZE) 

Free Zone Company (FZCO)

What are the benefits of a Freezone licence?

  • 100% ownership

  • Complete tax exemption on income (unless dealing with the mainland)

  • Privileged customs regulations

  • Strategic locations

  • Warehouse and office facilities available

  • Visa validity of 3 years with lower costs than in mainland.

More benefits...

  • Compared to the Mainland company, Free Zone establishment allows you to have 100% ownership with zero taxation, and privileges when it comes to customs. The time for obtaining the free zone licence, together with the paperwork and administrative procedures, is usually much easier and faster than in the Mainland. It does not require a presence of the local agent/sponsor, it allows international trade and trading between the UAE free zones without any taxes. Nevertheless, for a trade of services/products with the UAE mainland, a 5% tax applies, and a presence of a local distributor is a mandatory.